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FTM Hysterectomy Links

Below are links to pages found on other websites that include information about FTM Hysterectomy and related issues.

Pelvic pain and persistent menses in transgender men
Includes information about Testosterone-induced dyspareunia, vaginitis, and cervicitis; cyclic symptoms relating to testosterone dosing; persistent menses and unexpected vaginal bleeding; and the role of hysterectomy.

Sex Steroids, Estrogen Blockers and What's in Your Bones
Estrogen, aromatized from testosterone locally in the bone tissue and acting through the estrogen receptor alpha (ERĪ±), is required in males for optimum bone maturation.

Are trans men at higher risk for post-hysterectomy vesisco vaginal fistula (VVF) than women?
Androgenized vaginal tissues are weaker and thinner and thus more susceptible injury, which may hieghten the risk of VVF for transgender men.

Trans Cervical Health Primer
The latest information and resources to help trans guys stay on top of cervical health are all rolled into this one-stop primer.

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