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Reasons For Transgender Men To Get a Hysterectomy

There are several different reasons that motivate a transgender man to get a hysterectomy, ranging from preventative health care and the treatment of persistent gynecological conditions, to obtaining correct identification and aligning anatomy with gender identity. Below are the common reasons for trans men to have hysterectomy surgery.

1. If a trans man is at risk for cervical cancer and fails to get regular Pap tests, a hysterectomy is recommended.

2. While there's no conclusive evidence suggesting that Testosterone causes cervical or uterine cancer, the fear of atrophic cancerous cells developing, especially if there's a family history of pelvic cancer, is often cited as a reason for having a hysterectomy.

3. Hysterectomy is used to remove fibroid cysts (non-cancerous tumors), and as a treatment for endometriosis (the growth of the uterine lining outside of the uterus) and breakthrough bleeding, conditions that are commonly reported by trans men.

4. Abdominal pain is also commonly reported by trans men and can suggest hysterectomy. Testosterone causes atrophy of the uterus and vagina, which puts tension on surrounding muscles and ligaments which can cause painful cramping.

5. Another strong indication for hysterectomy is failure to practice safe sex, risking sexually transmitted disease and accidental pregnancy.

6. Many trans men seek out hysterectomy to eradicate the primary source of Estrogen production, to maximize masculinization from Testosterone.

7. Some trans men are required to have a hysterectomy in order to obtain a corrected birth certificate from the jurisdiction in which they were born.

8. Another strong indication for female-to-male hysterectomy is to provide a feeling of wholeness and completeness. While some trans men are not bothered by having a uterus, others find its presence to be an acute source of gender dusphoria, and hysterectomy can help align internal anatomy with external identity.

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