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Cost of Hysterectomy For Transgender Men

If you are planning to pay out of pocket for Hysterectomy, or if FTM Hysterectomy is not a covered procedure with your current health insurance, knowing about the cost of Hysterectomy, including associated fees, will help you plan and schedule your surgery date.

The cost of your Hysterectomy will depend on 1) the type of Hysterectomy being performed; 2) your surgeon's fees; 3) geo-location of the surgery center (because surgery is more expensive in some states compared to others.)

A study published in 2010 reported that the cost of FTM Hysterectomy varies from $1,200 to $27,000 with an average of $9,827, and noted that this wide range may reflect the variation in procedures, and differences between surgeons or locations.

In many cases, FTM Hysterectomy can be covered by health insurance. For patients covered by health insurance, out-of-pocket costs can range from co-pays of $100 or more and between 10% to 50% of the cost of the procedure.

In addition to the surgeon's fee, you will also be paying the Anesthesiologist's fee, and potentially additional facility fees, pathology fees and other medical test fees. Surgery fees may or may not include consultation fees. A down payment is usually required to secure a surgery date. The amount of this down payment varies by surgeon but usually ranges between $500 - $2000, and up to 50% of the total surgery cost. Be sure to get clear information about the total cost of your Hysterectomy and payment schedule from the surgeons you consult with.

You will also incur post-operative costs for medications, wound and scar care products, and more.

The table below is a sampling of approximate fees for Hysterectomy organized by surgeon. Be sure to inquire directly for exact pricing relative to your needs. Pricing is USD unless otherwise marked.

Surgeon Location Price (USD) Notes
Dr. Daniel Greenwald Tampa, Florida, USA $11,000 Includes vaginectomy
Dr. Julie Nicole Burlingame, California, USA $13,000 Laparoscopic
Dr. Marci Bowers San Mateo, California, USA $17,000 Abdominal or vaginal

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